Monday, January 31, 2005

Mamas Don't Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be Screenwriters

Rejection goes hand in hand with writing, and especially so if you're a screenwriter. See, us screenwriters put up with a lot of crap that other writers wouldn't. Could you imagine Stephen King or John Grisham turning a novel in to their publisher only to have it torn apart by producers, agents, managers, development execs, publicity flacks and various other sundry and nefarious know it alls? Stephen, not enough product placment! Hey John, where's the character arc, and oh, by the way, change the ending, it's too much of a downer.

Screenwriters must love being in hell because we spend so much time there.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Mama's A Blogger!

Yep, Mom's good for doing other things besides baking chocolate chip cookies.

Chestnuts Roasting By An Open Fire

Or something like that. A great place for creative minds to meet in a nurturing, supportive atmosphere. It would be nice if you could write, too.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Say No To Gonzales

No. No. No.

Now doesn't that feel good?

In my spare time I go to sites like Eschaton, Talking Points and Daily Kos and ferment rebellion and resurrection against all things Bush.

Hey Hey We're The Monkees

In my alternative universe, cable would be free, I'd be a millionaire and living la vida loca in LA. But until that happens, I'm poor and living on blind faith in LI that one day I'm going to make it big as a screenwriter. With one movie under my belt (MY HORRIBLE YEAR, starring Eric Stoltz, Mimi Rogers, Karen Allen and Alison Mack. It got good reviews and was even nominated for a 2002 Daytime Emmy).

So until the day Steven Spielberg calls and makes me an offer I can't refuse, I'm writing and slaving away at my day job.