Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Know I Know

I've been really remiss in updating my blog, and for this I apologize. June was a bad month, had a lot thrown at me between being under the weather (yet again), still trying to get my sea legs back, as it were. So let's recap what's been happening (or not).

Still waiting on a possible deal, the less said on that lest I jinx it. Shhh!

Got some requests, will anything pan out? Who knows. Boo hoo!

Have a slew of new projects cooking and coming up with new ideas. Note to self: must grow eight pairs of arms. Yow!

I'm no longer associated with The Script Department. If anyone wants notes/reads, you know where to find me. Yes ma'am!

Brought my bike to the shop for a tune-up and I try to go for rides every day (weather permitting). Yowzer!

Got a new hairdo and color, which everyone seems to like. Huzzah!

My daughter Adrienne will be coming to visit soon. Hurray!

Started a new intensive writing workshop which seems to be going well. Bravo!

Other than, doing my thing, enjoying the good weather (when we have it, which hasn't been that much). Talley-ho!