Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Monday

I am tired tonight. Tired, but happy. Not from writing, though. From querying and sending out scripts. Today I did a big e-mail blitz and while not everyone responded with "yes", enough did to make it a good day in McIlvaine Land.

I would love to have a good manager or agent do this. Really. All this marketing crapola keeps me from doing what I love best: write. And wouldn't you know, in between all this madness, I came up with a script idea (thank you, John Fogarty) that I think has great possibilities, or as in speakese, "excellent franchise potential" and "cross multiple platforms."

In other words, make lots of moolah for me and my heirs. Now I just have to find the time, and energy, to write it.

RIP George Carlin

Friday, June 06, 2008

June Follies

I been really busy, folks. Did two interviews, writing, rewriting, reading scripts, querying, and all the other stuff that passes for life.

My interview with TJ Lynch is at, look under Newsletters. Sometime next week my interview with Blake Snyder (Save the Cat) will be posted as well. Both super nice guys.

Other than that, still here, if anyone gives a shit.

Love sunflowers. Have done a lot of planting in my garden. No wonder my back hurts!