Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Two of the best words in the English language: THE END. Yes, I finally typed those two words on Saturday afternoon, and I was very happy. Now the hard work comes. I shipped the draft off to my co-writer and am anxiously awaiting to hear from her. In the meantime, I took Sunday off and dove back into writing on Monday. No rest for the weary.

Good thing: The new season of BLOW OUT starts tonight.

Bad thing: No HOUSE due to the reality show I shall not name.

Good thing: I saw A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE over the weekend. I loved it. Viggo has a damn fine ass.

Bad thing: I was disappointed with WALK THE LINE. I thought it was good, not great. The second half falls into a redundant mess.

Good thing: I am now hooked on PRISON BREAK.

Bad thing: 24 is not on every night. How could they leave us hanging like this, with LA under martial law and trying kill David Palmer's brother? For shame!

Good thing: HELL'S KITCHEN is coming back!

Bad thing: The winner of this year's PROJECT RUNWAY. Blecch!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Christmas News

It's on the IMDB under the title A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS (which I hate, bah humbug).

Post Oscar thoughts:

Clooney should be nominated for every Oscar there is. He is the eptiome of class, charm, old time glamour and intelligence. And he ain't hard on the eyes, either.

What on earth was Dior thinking of what that bow on Charlize's shoulder? I was afraid the thing was going to come alive and chomp on Charlize.

Naomi Watts looked like a bag lady who stumbled in out of the cold.

Morgan Freeman was ubercool with the neckerchief.

What bug crawled up the dress of Diane Ossana, Larry McMurtry's screenwriting partner? What a puss! Hey, you just won an Oscar, be happy!

Will somebody please scuttle the award for Best Song? Yeesh.

The show lacked in star power and glamour. There wasn't one "ooooh" moment in the three hour shebang. You know it must be going bad when the biggest laugh in the house was for a Dick Cheney joke.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Random Thoughts On A Sunny Afternoon

Beautiful day, snow on the way. Arggh!

So the Olympic spectacle is over...I wasn't surprised that Bode Miller was a total wipeout. I think he realized early on that he couldn't live up to the hype, so he decided to take himself out of the game. You'd expect this kind of immature behaviour from a 19 or 20 year old, but at 28, Bode should know better. Well, he has his groupies and his magazine covers to console him.

As for Sasha Cohen, as lovely and graceful as she is, I must disagree with the judges. Someone who falls twice during their long program doesn't deserve a medal.

Now onto other topics, like Dubai Bush. This adminstration (and I use the term loosely), has been on a downward spiral for months. At 34% in the polls and falling, he'll soon be in in Nixon territory. No wonder Republicans are starting to revolt. It's about fucking time!

As for Iraq, I'm of the mind that Rumself should send Cheney over with his quail gun. Talk about The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight! But Iraq isn't in a civil war, oh no. Pay no attention to those corpses in the morgue.

I saw a great movie last night, HOTEL RWANDA. Don Cheadle was magnificent. Intelligent, gripping.

I'm still with my thriller script, but I've moved a major plot point that had me stymied for a day or two. At the end of the day, we may have to jettison some plot machinations...I almost feel like we've packed too much in. I want this to come in at around 110 pages, and I'm on 85, which doesn't leave me much room for all to come. Better to have too much than not.

And yes, I'll have my party pajamas on for the Oscar telecast. I hope David Straithairn wins, but who knows?