Friday, April 01, 2005

The Terry Go Round Continues

At least Terri Schiavo is in a better place, but the fallout continues. It's Terri TV all the time for CNN and all the other cable news channels. Funny how Hannity and Co. only got on board the Terri Train only when the right to lifers at any cost (the hell with quality of life) blew it up into such a media circus.

I have no doubt that DeLay and Friends thought that having Bush Lite rush back to the White House in the middle of the night to sign their idiotic bill (what, no fax machines in Crawford) would be universally hailed. Instead, imagine their shock and surprise when it was universally reviled. Thank God that an overwhelming majority of the public saw the DeLay Show for the pandering circus it was, and this was even before news got out that Tom Thumb pulled the plug on his father.

But as Jeff Greenfield from CNN keeps saying, people are now having a "conversation" regarding their own wishes in their regard, and to have it in writing. However, that wouldn't have helped Terri Schiavo, as according to court documents, the Schindlers would have disregarded a living will if Terri had left one instructing that she not be kept "alive" in such a manner.

I also wish some talking head would point out that it's only been a relatively recent development that Terri's blood relatives disputed that she was in a PVS state (this according to Jay Wolfson, Terri's former GAL). They had no problem accepting this poor diagnosis...until they realized it hurt their cause.

What a week. The Pope is also in grave condition, Prince Ranier's organs are shutting down, and chicken king Frank Perdue died after a brief illness. Too many undercooked chicken breasts?

As for me, I'm dragging my sorry ass around (literally) as my tummy is still roiling. The gastro guy says it might be some kind of infection (from that awful flu I had) or maybe some kind of parasite. In the meantime, all I know is, I'm miserable. As I told the doc, give me Pepto, Kaopectate or Johnnie Walker Red, give me something, anything, as I want my life back.

In screenwriting news, I've got a new column coming out on Done Deal, got a few more nibbles here and there, and a pass on HOOD (the SOB).

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