Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Christmas News

It's on the IMDB under the title A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS (which I hate, bah humbug).

Post Oscar thoughts:

Clooney should be nominated for every Oscar there is. He is the eptiome of class, charm, old time glamour and intelligence. And he ain't hard on the eyes, either.

What on earth was Dior thinking of what that bow on Charlize's shoulder? I was afraid the thing was going to come alive and chomp on Charlize.

Naomi Watts looked like a bag lady who stumbled in out of the cold.

Morgan Freeman was ubercool with the neckerchief.

What bug crawled up the dress of Diane Ossana, Larry McMurtry's screenwriting partner? What a puss! Hey, you just won an Oscar, be happy!

Will somebody please scuttle the award for Best Song? Yeesh.

The show lacked in star power and glamour. There wasn't one "ooooh" moment in the three hour shebang. You know it must be going bad when the biggest laugh in the house was for a Dick Cheney joke.


Cathy Krasnianski said...
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Cathy Krasnianski said...

Hi PJ,

Just stopped by to say hello, and to wish you success on your christmas story. I agree that the title sucks, but then it IS getting made now, isn't it???


Patrick J. Rodio said...

Clooney did rock, seems like a genuinely good person.

Agree with Charlize's dress, it was good except for the dumb bow.

congrats on your script too.

PJ McIlvaine said...

I've been informed that Ossana's son passed away shortly before the Oscar telecast and this accounted for her demeanor. If this is so, my sympathies go out to her.