Thursday, April 27, 2006

Don't Cha

Don't cha hate it when you're knee deep in rewriting a script and BOOM, another great idea out of the blue hits you. Either you put that idea aside (jotting down notes so you don't forget it) to work on later or you put the rewrite aside and plunge into treacherous waters. God, I hate when that happens! Of course, this is the situation I find myself in, and not for the first time either.

Looks like they're playing musical chairs with the trailer at

All I know that in the original script, I wrote several "trailer" moments and so far, none of them have been any of the trailers. I wonder if they were even filmed. Sigh.

Am very upset with BRAVO right now. No way should Steven have been canned on TOP CHEF. IMO, the one who should have gotten the boot was Harold for his flavorless salmon and for suggesting using box cake mix. What is this, TOP DUNCAN HINES? Lianne showed what a poor leader she was for going along with it and for allowing substandard food to leave the kitchen. You know damn well what Gordon Ramsay of HELL'S KITCHEN would have done. He would have tossed the food out and closed the kitchen down. The only one who didn't go along with the box cake nonsense was, you guessed it, Steven. Oh, never mind. Mark my words, Steven will go on to an illustrious career while Tiffani slings slop at IHOP. What does BRAVO know?

And why is BLOW OUT so short this season? Already they're touting the season finale! Seems like the show only filmed a handful of episodes. Good thing I have AMERICAN INVENTOR and DEAL OR NO DEAL to fall back on.

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Cathy Krasnianski said...

Steven was canned because he has an enormous stick up his ass thinking he's so far superior to everyone else. All he REALLY knows is wine, but this show is called Top Chef, not Top Sommelier!

When the heat was on in the kitchen, he was nowhere to be found. He was off - again - "educating" the waitstaff how to properly serve HIS choices in wine.

BTW, if you looked carefully at him, he never actually moved his neck. Perhaps it was those way-too-wide ties he insisted on wearing.

Good riddance Stephen!