Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Putting on the Blitz

I'm here, I'm alive...barely.

Since my last post, I've started at least three new scripts (and percolating dozens more, okay, maybe not dozens, but a lot), did a temp job which nearly killed me (no joke, you work 11 1/2 hour days and see how you hold up), compiling a list of e-mail addys (nope, can't tell you why, otherwise I'd have to kill you), wrote my monthly column, did script coverages, two interviews for the Great American Pitchfest newsletter...and all the other sundry things like laundry, baking (Mom can't live without a cake in the house).

Watched the Oscars, really wanted Mickey to win, if only to hear him say fuck on national tee vee.

Natalie Portman was adorable.

Didn't much care for the outfit that Beyonce wore. Looked like curtains you'd find in an 1860's bordello.

Jessica Biehl, hello, I've seen napkins folded better at my local pizzeria.

Loved Angelina and Brad.

Whoopi, that dress was a whoops.

Could somebody put a muzzle on Ryan Seacrest? The man is insipid.

Women with red hair should not wear red.

Tina Fey and Steve Martin should do a movie together.

Did anyone in the western world really think that SLUMDOG wouldn't win Best Picture?

1 comment:

pastfirst said...

A bit of "escapism" from these gloomy times.
"Slumdog" deserved to win.
But Sean Pen's the BEST!