Wednesday, March 16, 2005

La Vida Loca

Going to the doctor on Saturday as I make my way through a flare up of a very old problem. I can go for weeks or months without an episode, but for the past couple of weeks (and worse since I had that awful flu) I'm in a vicious cycle. It really doesn't make sense to go back to the old doctor since we moved, so hopefully this doctor will be good. The nurse assured me that I would like him, is there a money back guarantee if I don't?

But the day wasn't a complete waste, work wise. I'm collaborating on a new spec which we call HAPPILY NEVER AFTER, a twisted romantic comedy about what happens to our favorite fairy tale folk when the honeymoon fades.

Yesterday I finally got a response from a manager on my HOOD, he passed with the universal "wasn't for him". God, I hate that. I wish they'd say it sucked or something concrete. But then today I got two requests for it, so that lifted my spirits. I know my pitch is good, now if I can just get someone to bite.

A big shout out to my pals Cheryl and Nick on the success of their CBS show, NUMB3RS. Cheryl and Nick have been stalwarts of the Friday night AOL screenwriters chat for years. Just write in a part for Ted Levine already!

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