Sunday, March 13, 2005


I dyed my hair a new color today: Chocolate Caramel. I got myself soaked but it beats dumping $100 at the hair salon. It got up a thumbs up from the family, so it can't be too bad.

Last night my husband, who's contemplating writing a high brow medieval literary horror script, rented THE SEVENTH SEAL from the library. Boy, talk about a laugh fest. I fell asleep halfway through. So much for my edjumacation.

BUT before Ingmar came on, I watched the premiere of DEADWOOD. I kind of lost interest in it last season after Wild Bill was killed, but seeing Ian McShane win a Golden Globe piqued my interest again. Ian is wonderful in it, but man, the scursing. Did they really curse like that? Bill cringed throughout.

At least today it didn't snow, yay! But cold. Really cold. I used to love the winter but now it's dragging on too long.

I am almost done with the polish on ORACLE so I can return to MADAM MOM. I may have found a collaborater for my action/romance/caper project. I also learned this week that the prodco who's taking my rom com to Oxygen also wants to take it to Lifetime. And I got two more requests for MOTHERHOOD.

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