Friday, September 30, 2005

The Hollywood Trap

My fucking God.

Can somebody please tell me what happned to Lindsay Lohan? I just saw a recent photo of her, and she's unrecognizable from the cute, fresh faced kid she was in THE PARENT TRAP. She looks like a cross of Tara Reid and Paris Hilton, and that's no compliment. Next to Lindsay, Mary Kate has more meat on her bones.

Lindsay is a hometown Long Island girl, so I know all about her family travails, thanks to Newsday (otherswise known in my house as Loseday). And I've heard about Lindsay's antics on and off the set from Defamer and other sites.

I've no doubt that Lindsay, being the sole breadwinner of her family, must be under tremendous pressure. But is anyone in control or even trying to put the brakes on? Let's face it, she hasn't been getting the best career advice. The HERBIE remake didn't do all that well, and her records aren't flying out of the stores either.

Chill out, Lindsay. Splurge on a banana split or two. Take six months off, stay away from the high life, and just be a teenager again.


Anonymous-help me said...

Unfortunately, I think she was trying to accomplish the Tara Reid/Paris Hilton look. They are famous, she reasons, therefor the look will make me famous. Next thing you know a sex tape of her will get "leaked"

Scott the Reader said...

Someone thinks blonde and cadaverous are in, particularly with big fake breasts attached.

The problem with Lindsey is that once she outgrows her young audience, she'll have to fall back on her acting.