Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's Been A Good Week

Don't you know? I'm in an incredible period of good luck according to my psychic pal Jean (I'm such a good pal she doesn't even know my first name). Yet she informs me that I have 165 days to capitalize on this window of opportunity and that we must join forces to thwart "negative waves". However, to do this, I must buy her book for $9.95....

INTO THE AMAZON is at Kopelson and New Line.

Another producer has strong interest in my horror comedy THE AMULET.

My agent wants to slip RANDOM ACTS to a friend he has at Charlize's prodco. He loved the script, called it a throwback to "Howard Hawks and Frank Capra" (he meant that in a good way).

The director on CHRISTMAS sent me a whiny e-mail today suggesting that we need to make "changes" based on the "popular vote", apparently he's shown the script to some who love it as is, others who want to make it darker, and still others who want to tack on a "fairy tale ending."

I put the kibosh on that nonsense straight away, reminding him that the only reason I gave him the option was because he insisted he loved it just the way it was. I told him I had no problem making minor changes to tighten the story or enhancing it (and had already done so at his suggestion), but that I was done. Finito. Hasta la vista, baybee.

You know what he did?

He thanked me for putting the brakes on. He said he was a people pleaser, and in trying to please all these people, he had forgotten what drew him to my script in the first place.

Maybe we should all say NO more often.