Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas Updates

I spoke to John the director last night. He sounded tired, but happy. Yesterday he did a script read with the main cast. So far, the feedback from the rewrite I did over the weekend has been favorable (save for my sexy Santa Elf scene) and everyone thinks I'm "brilliant." (John's words, not mine.). And we got a nice little blast of snow last night, only a couple of inches, and today is cold, bright and sunny---the picture perfect backdrop for the first day of shooting.

My hubby is still working on the press release (when he's done tinkering with it I'll post it) and contacting local media, but the cast includes Carol Alt, Matt McCoy, Austin Pendleton and Hunter Gomez. John is trying to get celebrities to show up for cameos for the big Christmas tree/holiday festival scenes. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Lucy said...

Anymore updates on Christmas? How's the hubby's press release going? Good I hope. Have a great day!