Monday, February 06, 2006

Bad Gurl

Sorry I have been remiss of late, have been extremely busy.

It looks like the CHRISTMAS shoot will wind up on Wednesday, and by all accounts, it went very smoothly. Now the fun begins in post-prod!

I thought the Super Bowl sucked. It only got interesting in the fourth quarter.

When is Santino gonna get the boot on PROJECT RUNWAY? He's a talentless hack.

Am focusing on my SNOWBLIND script for the forseeable future and hope to eke out a "vomit draft" before too long.

With the big splash BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE 2 made at the box office, I sent out a fresh batch of queries on my THERE GOES THE MOTHERHOOD. Got a few nibbles.

My monthly column at DONE DEAL has been put on hiatus until they decide if they want to carry it over to their new site, DONE DEAL PRO.

Am having fun with the Kitchen Aid Mixer I got as a B-Day present from the kids (as if I don't bake enough). I'm on a "yeast" kick and have pretty much perfected the "Cinnabon" clone recipe. Now I gotta work on the brownies. I have yet to come up with a scratch recipe that is equal to Duncan Hines milk chocolate chunk in the box.

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Grubber said...

sounds like you are having lots of fun there PJ, hope it all goes well for you!