Sunday, February 19, 2006

Rewrite City

Sorry I've been remiss of late posting, but I'm deep in rewrite city. Don't you just love it when you're following a plot line and it suddenly veers in another direction, like Bode Miller at the Olympics (but hopefully with a better outcome). All I can do is hunker down and see where it leads.

Speaking of the Olympics...I hate to admit it, but I'm a viewer who secretly tunes in to see the wipe outs, the falls, the DQ's, the favorites crash and burn, the underdogs winning the day. This doesn't make me a bad person (I don't think). But I am sick of the hype and the chattering of NBC nabobs who, in the absence of Michelle Kwan, trot out a Team USA hero (or goat) of the day.

Bode Miller is the Gold Medal favorite! Ooops, Bode crashes after a night of partying.

Lindsay Jacobellis was all but annointed the Queen of Snowboard Cross, and then tossed the gold medal like a Joe Namath touchdown pass to Freidan after that silly showboating trick.

Johnny Weir was a shoo-in for the silver if he skated a good long program, but he left his aura back in his hotel room.

Where's Tonya Harding when we need her? We need a good scandal to liven things up.

Otherwise, the Olympics drones nauseum...with pre-taped events. I'm still trying to figure out the waltzing cows from the opening ceremony. Maybe they could get Dick Cheney to make an appearance for the closing ceremonies, dressed in lederhosen shooting at doves.

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