Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Love New York (And Kristen)

God, another day, another scandal.

Actually, I'm sad that our beloved Gov had to resign without revealing all the sordid details of his trysts. The hell with the bank account transfers, we just want to know what he got for $5500 an hour. My God, was her vava made of gold? I mean, come on, one pussy is just as good as the next, non? Talk about blowing your wad!

$80K to bang high class whores? Guess Spitzer couldn't handle the pressure hooker. And it had to be a married, moralizing, crusading Democrat! Maybe he and Larry Craig should form a club for politicos who had to resign in shame and disgrace. Oh, silly me, Craig didn't resign!

No doubt the next stop for Spitz on his "atonement" tour will be a reality show on MTV. Maybe "The Governor Who Couldn't Shoot Straight"?

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