Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spray The Lysol


Am slowly coming back to life after being felled by the mother of all flu's. I was fine over the weekend, but then my better half started hacking early Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon he had the shakes and crashed after drinking up most of the Nyquil. I escaped to another bedroom, but not soon enough.

Monday I felt a tad queasy but still okay. Tuesday started off okay and then it went downhill. My fever spiked at 102.6 and I began babbling about my life insurance policy.

Reminder to myself when I have a high fever and am delirious: never watch "Spellbound". In fact, never watch it again.

Now the fever is gone, but this grippe has settled in my chest and I sound like Maude.

In other words....dead...woman...walking.

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