Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sex, Lies, Money, Videotape and Pampers

Okay, if you don't want to read another John Edwards screed, stop right now---yes, you---and head on over to where Madame Cupcake has one of my latest blogs, a rant on The M Word. And it's got nothing to do with Rielle Hunter. I promise.

But...if you're like me, a true gossiphile who can't resist a juicy sex scandal, continue reading.

Let's face, nothing enlivens the dog days of August than a high powered politician caught with his pants down. This story should be a journalist's wet dream: web sites being scrubbed, assumed names, huge monthly pay-offs, a stooge to take the fall, the terminally ill wife, the stool pigeon friends and family...hell, the only thing missing is dead horses. And we got them too!

Sad to say, it SHOULD BE a journalist's wet dream...because it appears that, yet again, the MSM is letting bloggers like Deceiver and Death By A Thousand Paper Cuts do the leg work. Even more appalling is when MSM writes about it, and then fails to properly attribute their sources. Come on guys, you know better than that. You're not some rinky dink operation like Newsday (which, by the way, except for one headline story, has pretty much stayed away from the JE mess like Christie Brinkley from her snake of an ex). I like Christie, I'm glad she stood up to that jerk, but that's another blog.

Belatedly, it comes out that pretty much everyone knew that JE was having an affair. Even Hilary's people knew and decided not to make an issue of it. Everyone knew except, you know, the people that counted...THE VOTING PUBLIC.

Not unexpectedly, the MSM, instead of doing what they're supposed to do, like, uhm, report the news, is still picking up other people's crumbs. John Edwards did this big confession which was designed to put the whole thing to bed (sorry), but it did just the opposite. His half-assed confession got so many people mad and upset, that they're shoveling even more. And sorry for JE, nothing they're churning up is any good. They never learn, do they, and it's so simple. JUST TELL THE GODDAMN TRUTH.

And some of these progressive sites I go to, well, after a burst of righteous indignation, they seem to have fallen back to their sloppy ways of blaming everyone but JE and EE. He lied, he's still lying, everyone is lying...but let's not talk about it because, you know...we bought those lies. And since JE isn't going to be at the convention, hey, it's over with. Not important. Move along. We have to keep our eye on the prize.

Uh-uh. I'm not buying that shit.

Until and unless JE comes clean, le Hunter scandale will permeate the National Convention like dead meat. Sure, people may not want to talk about it, but it's there, and each revelation drips like Chinese Water Torture. Yesterday it was RH's sisters going on TV to say that RH's baby looks like "JE in a onesie", today it's a story in the NY Post that EE was told about the affair in "installments." That's a new one on me, the pay as you go plan for adultery. When JE's colleagues (without his approval or knowledge, of course), paid people off, they forgot to include a lot of RH's friends and family on the gravy train.

I admit, I'm baffled by this "herd mentality" that exists on several "progressive" sites. Yes, we're getting hit hard (as well we should). So they bring up John McCain's affair and Cindy McCain's drug addiction as if we should be keeping score, as if this somehow evens the playing field. Honestly, this is pathetic. Look, I don't like John McCain either, but unless you have him in bed with a lobbyist NOW, forget it. Yes, his behavior toward his first wife was horrible, but he already copped to it, and it was thirty years ago. And yes, Cindy did some bad things when she was a pill addict back in the 90's, but by all accounts, she's recovered. Dredging up this crap is petty and mean and isn't going to change the conversation or the spotlight.

Yes sir, we just love a rip roaring sex scandale in the morning. Remember Elizabeth Taylor? Fuck the fake Olympic fireworks and the lip synching cutie. Pretty soon we'll be reading in The Globe that Michael Phelps can't even swim. This is better than TROPICAL THUNDER. Popcorn, anyone?

PS I got the tombstone photo from DBKP. Love ya!

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Anonymous said...

Bravo! I can't tell what makes me the maddest about this, but the piecemeal "confessions" are pathetic.. just be a man and say it all at once. Truman was right! Janet