Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A New Era

Bleary eyed, still reeling from yesterday, the enormity of it all has yet to hit me. Our long national nightmare is finally over. Not just for me personally, but for our country.

Without going into too much elaboration, the Bush years were not kind to me. The election of 2000 marked the beginning of a long, hard road. I had hope in 2004, but sadly, it was stillborn. This year I had almost given up, tired of the petty, shrill rhetoric. I even wasn't going to vote!

It took me awhile to get on the Obama train, but when I did, we all jumped on board with a vengeance. As the world watched and waited, I feel that as a nation, we all held hands, held our breath, and took a giant leap of faith---the kind of faith and hope that those of lesser minds, hearts and spirits have pretty much given up on. And we were rewarded. This election wasn't stolen from us. This was a generational moment that we will remember the rest of our lives, like so many other national moments.

It's a new day, and while it's true that the problems I had yesterday haven't gone away, and the problems we face as a country, they're still here too. But the national mood has changed. As a nation, we look to the future with new hope.

Yes, we can. I get it now. And the people I love who are with me deep in my soul and in my memories, it gives me great comfort to think they would've gotten it too.

Oh yes, we certainly can.


da patriot said...

How is that 'hope and change' working out for you now that Camelot is burning?

PJ McIlvaine said...

Who says it's burning? You? Rush Limpaugh?