Monday, November 29, 2010

Something Happened On The Way To Paradise

I'm sure a lot of people are curious about who I am, due to current planetary constellations being in flux. So here it is.

I'm a writer. I've always been a writer. I've had to do other things to put food on the table and support my family, but that is who I am. I could no more not be a writer than not breathe.

I've been published online and off. The New York Times, Newsday, Baby Talk, Screen Talk, and others.

In 1994, after a devastating experience, I was bitten by the screenwriting bug. I've been infected ever since. Friends and family said I was crazy. I was a woman, I didn't live in LA, and I didn't know a damn thing about it. Undeterred, I bought Michael Hauge's excellent screenwriting book and taught myself. My first script was over 200 pages long, and the formatting was all wrong. But I persisted.

In 2001, my Showtime original family film, MY HORRIBLE YEAR, with Eric Stoltz (who also directed), Mimi Rogers and Karen Allen aired. It got good reviews and a Daytime Emmy nomination for Mr. Stoltz for directing.

I was on top of the world. I made plans to move to Los Angeles. However, life had a different plan in mind.

I've had my own horrible year (more like years). I've perservered through very difficult circumstances. My mother's illness, my brother's untimely death, and a rash of other unfortunate events. Through it all, I can hold my head high.

I have no manager. I have no high powered agent on speed dial.

I write every day even if it's only a sentence. I query. I send my material out. I have my hopes and dreams just like everyone else.

Did I forget to say I'm a writer?


vk@nyte said...

hey Pj-just got done hangin out on MaxAdam's blog-heard about your dilemna with a certain terrible giant of bad film..good show!!Keep your head up,babe!!!
Anyhoo, I too am quite interested in screenwriting-any other books you can recommend??
Cool blog,hope to hear more from ya-VK@Nyte

Martin K. said...

Keep your head up PJ.

We've corresponded on Zoe in the past.

Keep your head up!

Take care,

Martin Kelley

shabi said...

Greetings from Pakistan..
I read some of your much impressed of your work..keep it up. i am 23 year boy.i am struggling to live life.i am planing to write a book.something like autobiography.if i would be able too.

Anonymous said...

PJ hang in there. I think it is malicious of FOX to pick on a single mother trying to fulfill a dream for a better life. They are monsters... and in the end they won't win. Just because they are big doesn't mean they are mighty. Keep fighting until the end because you have a purpose and a cause. Be patient and hang in there you will see how this ends and it won’t be how FOX thinks.

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