Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Some Good News For A Change

On the career front, a prodco wants to pitch my romantic comedy FRENCH TWIST to the Oxygen network (Oprah). I also have another rom-com, THE ORACLE OF ORCHARD STREET, that they've agreed to read.

And my e-mail campaign (thanks Steve) has garnered several nibbles on THERE GOES THE MOTHERHOOD. Course, there were some fools who failed to recognize my brilliance and didn't bother to reply at all. Shame on them!

Heather has an interview for a "Beauty Advisor" at Macy's tomorrow. Since she spends a small fortune on cosmetics, this should be interesting.

There is also what I hope will turn out be a vile and vicious rumour going around that my beloved Austin gets the boot from Project Runway this week (gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair).

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