Monday, May 23, 2005

More MHY

Just learned that Showtime has scheduled more showings of MY HORIBLE YEAR for the month of June.

My mother's house was invaded by a group of guerilla filmmakers yesterday. I made the mistake of telling my director friend Scott, who was lamenting that he needed a house with a big bright living room for his shoot, that my Mom's house fit the bill. It was a loooong day and we're all still recuperating. Sasha, our devil cats, was completely unnerved by all these strangers and clawed my Mom. But everything went well, free donuts and pizza and I even threw in home made brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

On the health front, my Doc put me on new meds, so we'll see how that goes. You know, the side effects sound worse than what you're being treated for.

Did have a computer upset, something crashed my AOL software and took HOURS to unravel, but I got back on line just in time to get another pass on MOTHERHOOD, damn it.

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