Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Walking Zombie

The docs put me on a new med which makes me feel as worse as my attacks. It may take up to three weeks for my body to get adapted to it, so I'm basically trying to make it through until I feel better, or at least have more energy. The dizziness hits me about 2 hours after I take the horse pills. Yecch.

But even though I'm low, I managed to pull off a kick ass draft of MADAM MOM. I also give tons of credit to my co-writer, thanks to her initial draft, I couldn't have done it without her. With this script, the key for me was adding a twist to Madam's character. When I got that part down, the comedy just flowed out of me.

On another note, I sure hope Bo beats the Farmbot, but I have a strange feeling that we may have another Ruben-Clay scenario. After those horrible songs they forced Bo to sing last night, I'm of the opinion he maybe better off NOT winning. This way, he can go off and make his "very special" album with Clive Davis, and Carrie can stand in front of the mirror and practice her performing skills.

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