Thursday, November 10, 2005

Don't Cry For Me, Judy Miller

Cos I'm gonna make a pile of dough
Going on all the Fox news shows
So what if I gave the wrong info
It's all in who you know
And I knew Scooter
And I knew Chalabi
That little fatty
So what if I drove the New York Times batty
I did my best
The hell with the rest
Cos I'm gonna make a pile of dough
Remembering what I didn't know
I was a jaibird
Now I'm a snowbird
Looking at the leaves in Aspen falling
While reading "The Apprentice's" bear balling
I got my severance pay
But I won't fade away
Cos I got all those Fox news shows in my lap
To dissemble more faux news crap
So don't cry...for me!!!!!!!!!!! (High quivering falsetto)

Life goes on. So Bush had a bad Tuesday, take two Tylenol and resign. Take Peaches Libby with you while you're at it.

I'm almost (I said almost) feel sorry for Frist. Talk about a doctor who can't keep his scalpel straight.

Isn't anyone embarrassed by Libby's fiction? His book, not his fanciful tale about the leak. Who knew Repubs had such filthy imaginations? He should get together with Lynne Cheney and write a sequel. Number One at Amazon with a condom.

In the meantime, Rove is still under Fitz's microscope, more innocent people are dying in Iraq, and the guy who had his ass stuck to the john seems to have a history of this. Talk about a rough patch.

In my world, things are still the same. Waiting, worrying and working.

BTW, my hubby (a writer/editor of many years) and I are launching a little side biz, writing, proofing and editing manuscripts, scripts, articles, queries, treatments, press releases, letters, techo-crap, you name it. We're cheap and fast and you get four eyes for the price of two. Better than a Happy Meal!

If anyone's interested, give me a toot, I mean, a hoot.

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