Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Post Hallo-weenie

If all goes according to plan, my THE TOWN THAT BANNED CHRISTMAS is slated to start filming on November 28th. We're going to need extras (unpaid) for the big Christmas tree scene, so if any of you are on LI and want to be in a movie, any movie, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

I am very disappointed in my Halloweenies. We decorated the house, bought bags and bags of treats (good ones, too), and our house got egged anyway. Many kids didn't even say "trick or treat", they just grabbed the candy and ran. The little tots looked befuddled. And they started coming late, too. I figured the toddlers would come early in the afternoon, like last year, before the teenagers and their shaving cream. At one point, it was so dead, I went into the street looking for trick or treaters.

Stephanie says she's so over trick or treating; at 17, she's too old for such juvenile antics. Instead, she paid good money to be scared witless at a haunted house.

Oh, to be young...


Big Huge Matt said...

Hey PJ, Congrats! I live in Centerport - I'm definitely going to have to be there on Monday (12/19) for the final scene! Will you be there?

PJ McIlvaine said...

I honestly can't say yet if I will be there, Matt. Over the weekend the director and I had a tiff and although it's been resolved (I think) it left a very sour taste in my mouth.