Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tryptophan Coma

Okay, T-Day is out of the way, along with the amaretto cheesecake. Great recipe but lousy baking instructions. DO NOT BAKE A CHEESECAKE AT 450 DEGREES FOR AN HOUR. The top will burn. And if the recipe says to invert the cake: DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!

Good News: It looks like THE TOWN THAT BANNED CHRISTMAS is a go. The director secured the last of his financing. Shooting should begin on Monday barring last minute trauma or bounced checks.

Bad News: Still don't have my computer.

Good News: The computer is fixed, hubby was just too lazy to get it.

Bad News: Still no moolah from my disability insurance.

Good News: My claim is still "under review".

Bad News: Still no word on INTO THE AMAZON or RANDOM ACTS.

Good News: Agent said he submitted RA to a prodco who invested in NORTH COUNTRY.

Bad News: NORTH COUNTRY tanked.

Good News: I got my hair cut and blown out. I looked great.

Bad News: I can't blow my hair out like the hairdresser did. I look like a moron.

Good News: Our car is now registered and inspected.

Bad News: We got a ticket for driving the car with an expired registration.

Good News: Bush's approval ratings are blowing out faster than the M&M balloon at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Bad News: Bush is still President.

1 comment:

Grubber said...

Congrats on the movie PJ! That is fantastic news. Best of luck on the others!

Sorry been snowed, and have not had a chance to look at Mairead again as yet. Still going to do though, going to Cairns over chrissie, so planning to hole up somewhere for a little while.

You have fun!