Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Techno Impaired

I made some neat designs at Spreadshirt.com, but have no idea how I can post the link onto this website. Help!


Cynthia said...

Here's the HTML to make a link.

(and it's hard to get blogger to not think these directions are a link, I'm spelling it all out as a list.)

1 <
2 small a
3 a space
4 href=
5 within quotes "" paste the address of the page you want to link to
6 close the link address with >
7 another <
8 type whatever you want to name your link
9 close that with another >
10 end the whole mess with <
11 then /
12 another a
13 and a last >

Here's a link to someone who explains it better.

< How To Link>

Good luck.

Grubber said...

Also, when you post or edit...there is a hyperlink sign, you copy and paste the link into there and the link will sit behind the words you write..

If you wrote spreadshirt.com highlight it, by click and drag...the hyperlink icon is between the text colour and left alignment. sort of little world with chain link on it.

Hope this helps. Took me a while to find it to!
PS glad to hear it has been going well with the movie, that is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!