Friday, April 04, 2008

What Have You Done Lately?

Since January 1st, I've conceived, written and completed:

BOBBY VALENTI, drama suspense-thriller

HEAVEN SENT, family fantasy/comedy

A MONK eppy (two parter, in fact)

Four different rewrites on JOSHUA'S CAR, family in crisis domestic drama

A rewrite on POLO, family friendly shaggy dog comedy

About a half-dozen pages on GINGERBREAD U, a Christmas comedy

Roughly twenty or so pages on THE PRINZE AND THE HOOD, a teen musical comedy

Blogs for Rouge Wave

Columns for MovieBytes

Notes for The Script Department

Sent out queries

In March I was knocked off my feet by the mother of all flu bugs so I kinda feel like a laggard. Ahem.

And it's only April. April!

So when I hear of a screenwriter who's been working on his opus for the past ten years, I wonder...what the fuck is wrong with me?


Caroline said...

Oh my God, you are amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way. I really like yours. Do you work on different projects at the same time?


PJ McIlvaine said...

Hey Caroline, not in the sense that I think you mean. I've juggled different projects at the same time but they're all in different stages. For example, while I'm working on one script, others are in different stages, first draft, in rewrite city, outline form, finished but not done to my satisfaction, just started or merely brainstorming. Oh, and I have book projects in my head too! How I keep all this in my small little brain is beyond me.

J.J. said...

You could be one of those freak-a-zoids who actually like writing. I hear it's habit forming.

You should seek intervention at a rehab facility and/or psychological help immediately. Though I'm sad to inform you that in most cases such a disease as writing is incurable.