Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year New Hopes

A new year, new beginnings, new goals.

It's the same thing every January. We start off the new year with such lofty
aspirations. This is going to be the year I lose weight. The year I make that big breakthrough. The year I hit the lottery. The year I realize all those unfulfilled dreams. And you hit the ground running like Danica Patrick, full throttle.

But you can't keep that kind of velocity and adrenaline going forever---no one can, without the use of drugs---and slowly, when things don't quite work out the way you'd initially hoped, you begin to run out of gas.

And the whole cycle begins anew each January 1st.

I want this year, 2009, to be different. I really do. Change we can believe in, yes we can, and all that jazz. 2008 was so bad that in comparison, 2009 can only be better.

That's the great thing about turning a new leaf (or year). We can wipe the slate clean, start fresh, regain optimism, recharge our batteries. There's nothing to hold us back except our fears.

And if we falter or fail or take a giant step backwards...there's always next year.


marcoguarda said...

Let's just toast the New Hopes.

May a few come true.


Anonymous said...


I come and visit to read what interesting things you might have to say but.... you don't write much for a writer. To many youtube clips.

Let's see some writing, even if it's snippets from other websites and blogs you visit.

Instead of showing youtube clips send us to other blogs to read.