Thursday, October 27, 2005

Buh-bye Harriet

So sad to see you go...not.

Poor Harriet was a train wreck from the moment she left the station.

I still maintain that if Bush had nominated Harriet BEFORE Hurricane Katrina, in the intial glow of the John Roberts love fest, she would've slipped through on John Roberts' coat tails.

Oh, what a difference one FEMA disaster can make.

Bush is not just a lame duck, his goose is cooked. And by the rightwing lug nuts of his own party, the moonbats that he says don't represent the Republican party.

What does this say for moderate Republicans? Fuggetaboutit. If dopes like Dobson "who supported Miers before they didn't support her" can't get their bulldogs to stand down, what does portend for the moderate wing?

Just last week, the meme was that Senate Repubs had to support Miers lest it weaken Bush's presidency. What's the memo now, that by withdrawing her Bush is flexing his muscle?

What's all the more amazing to me is that Bush owes these looney tunes nothing. He'll never run for office again. But he's so weak that he can't even get the crony of his choice on the Supreme Court. Never mind that she was patently unqualified. Didn't matter to Bush. He saw into her "heart", remember?

And getting rid of her now, on the eve of Fitzmas. Bush couldn't even take the chance of her being humiliated on national TV during her confirmation hearings.

I suspect that poor Harriet crammed until her head hurt, and it was only during her "mock" hearings that somebody at the White House realized just how badly she would do.

Harriet, we hardly knew ye.....

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MaryAn Batchellor said...

What I can't figure out is what the Republican issue was with her. I'm fairly conservative so I ought to get it. I don't. Democrats should have been outraged, but what did the do? They sat back and watched the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot.