Saturday, October 08, 2005

Kill Me Now, Why Don't Cha

So I have all these scripts out at various places, and a close pal says to me something to the effect of, hey, it's a three day weekend, chances are your scripts are going to be read over it, aren't you excited?

Uh....not really. I told her it meant I would probably get a slew of passes next week.

And she remonstrated me to think positive: I would get a slew of yes'.

All right. I can do that. And that is slew, not stew.

Update on THE TOWN THAT BANNED CHRISTMAS: John the director/producer is holding an open casting call next week for some of the lead roles, supporting and secondary characters. I have been invited to give my input, so I will dutifully report the outcome here. My main worry is what if nobody shows up? Sheesh.


Scott the Reader said...

It's not really a three-day weekend. Hollywood doesn't shut down for Christopher Columbus.

Good luck anyway :-)

Grubber said...

Actors not turning up to a casting call.......don't think so! ;-)

Deblogger said...

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