Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hurricane Katrina's Latest Victim

The Bush Chimp made a gross strategic error in waiting to pick his latest Supreme Court chump, er, I mean crony, uh, nominee.

If Georgie had nominated Harriet Miers along with John Roberts (before Hurricane Katrina) she would've stood a much better of sailing thru on Roberts coattails. Yeah, there still would've been acrimony from the right, but Bush back then was in better shape politically.

What a difference a hurricane or two makes.

Now, in the aftermath of the disaster that Hurricane Katrina was, and since Emperor Bush has been shown to have no clothes, he's diminished. Buyer's remorse has set in. If Dubyahoo wasn't a lame drunk (I mean, lame duck) then, he certainly is now.

Consider: the Delay indictments, now the upcoming endgame to Plamegame, more bad news in Iraq, consumer confidence low, the White House Spy, FBI wiretapping the wrong phone number, morale sinking, conservative base up in's been horrendous for Bush. And I predict it's only going to get worse.

They can't even trot Barbara Bush out to calm the troops.

Meh. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


Rosalind said...

Reading the comments on conservative sites like Lucianne and FreeRepub (I only read them because I like to know what the enemy is thinking), one would be led to believe that George has a huge target on his back and someone is sharpening his arrow. They are blowing up about the nomination. It's the straw that broke the elephant's back; immigration and all the bucks he's been throwing around has got the blue-haired ladies in a tizzy.

Tsymyn said...

Actually, the Conservative base isn't nearly as split as it seems, but there is definitely some infighting going on. Nothing we can't sort out like gentlemen and ladies. But you definitely hit the mark on immigration and spending! Nearly all Conservatives are in a tizzy about those, so much to the point that we might vote for a Democrat if he/she ran on a platform of stopping illegal immigration and reducing the size of government and putting a freeze on inventing new entitlements. I doubt any Democrat or Independent Liberal would ever run on such a platform, though.