Monday, October 03, 2005

Scripts That Made My Daughters Cry

I've wasted most of the day trying to upload two scripts to my blog. I'm not having any luck and my legendary patience is wearing thin.

The first script is my period drama SIXTY ACRES. Heather, my middle daughter, bawled her eyes out because Tyrone, a central character, got beat up. It's a tough sell, and there's no sex. But it was in the top ten at Trigger Street (two versions of it) as well as the Trigger Street Hall of Fame, and it was almost bought by The Hallmark Channel.

The second script, MAIREAD THE WARRIOR WITCH (fantasy epic), left my youngest daughter, Stephanie, in tears because of the ending. Of the scripts I've written, this is her favorite. It's a tough sell, there's no sex, and it's not based on an existing book or graphic novel. I can't even get my agent to read it.

Until I can figure it out (or if anyone cares to help me) zap me and I'll send you either a FD or PDF draft for your misreading pleasure.

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